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15 Aug 2014

One Direction's Next Album Will Be 'A Little Bit More Edgy' - MTV

Retrenchment refers to actions focused on addressing the short-term mitigating losses and stabilizing the organization to counter those processes that caused the poor performance in the first place. Renewal on the other hand focuses on the long-term implementing practices designed to catalyze growth in the areas the organization has determined it can be most successful in. After everything the program had gone through, we had no choice but to sit down and reevaluate whether the university could ever truly be competitive in big time college athletics, McCaw explains. We went through a great deal of reflection and came to the honest conclusion that not only could Baylor be competitive, but there was no reason why we couldnt be the absolute best in every sport we competed in. Baylor had a value proposition that other universities simply didnt offer, and that is where we would anchor the foundation of the program to begin the rebuilding process. Indeed, the departments reflection and analysis identified a unique value proposition composed of five key elements that they could focus on in order to rebuild credibility and attract the coaches and talented student-athletes necessary to achieve its desired level of success.
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McCaw However, these are not contemporary interstellar dust grains like the ones Stardust returned. "We think those are much older than the solar system , survivors of the violent process involved in converting the solar nebula into the solar system," Westphal said. "They don't fully represent what interstellar dust is like, since they had to be tough to survive, while other stuff that is more fragile did not survive well at all." In comparison, the dust from Stardust "is relatively new, since the lifetime of interstellar dust is only 50 to 100 million years," study co-author Anna Butterworth, a research physicist at the University of California, Berkeley, said in a statement. "We are sampling our contemporary galaxy." The amount of interstellar dust particles Stardust collected is unexpectedly small based on observations of interstellar dust carried out by the earlier Galileo and Ulysses space probes , Westphal said.
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“One Direction: Where We Are – The Concert Film” Brings the World’s Biggest Band’s Epic 2014 Tour to Cinemas Globally - Yahoo Finance

Weve all taken a hand in the writing this time, Liam said. And weve literally written almost every song. The guys didnt reveal when we will hear new music, probably because they are currently traveling all over the U.S. for their Where We Are stadium tour.
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NASA Probe May Have Caught Dust from Interstellar Space, a First - Yahoo News

One Direction: Where We Are The Concert Film , recorded in the midst of the groups epic sold-out Where We Are global and US tour, will give fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join together to celebrate the One Direction live concert experience on the big screen for the very first time. This Fathom Event is an exclusive front row chance with a back stage pass to see One Direction in a larger-than-life setting. With more than 10,000 screenings scheduled in over 60 countries, fans will come together for one special 1D weekend.
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