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27 Aug 2014

Niall Horan Addresses One Direction Breakup Rumors… Again

Girls shrieked. They shook. They grabbed friends arms and trembled in excitement, simmering down only to capture key moments on their smartphones. Onstage, the group kept a cheeky, easygoing vibe clowning around, nudging one another and gifting front-row fans with grins. (One early mishap saw Tomlinson mouthing an apology to Payne after nailing his face with a Frisbee intended to soar into the crowd.) The rapport came off natural and real, and its easy to see why the 1D community has taken on a kind of extended-family feel, an Internet-driven movement complete with its own memes and lingo. Still, the cavernous setting didnt always lend itself to intimacy, and only when the group assembled at central points did any sense of connection gel.
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Gamasutra: Alice Rendell's Blog - The Perfect Game Character

1325736057_d09196f432.jpg In fact western society is geared towards marketing perfection in terms of well everything. These days not only do you have to have the perfect body/hair/teeth etc. but you also have to have the perfect job/car/house/partner/kids and I am exhausting myself just listing the main few. This strive for perfection when looked at from this perspective can seem a bit over-indulgent but it is imbedded with all sorts of evolutionary undertones such as perfect reproduction, living in socially functioning environments and just plain old survival instincts. So are games really doing anything different or are they just mimicking this subconscious desire for perfection which is innate in most humans beings? And if this is the case why should games be different, shouldnt we just give the public what they want?
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Mom, daughter return from concert to find Dallas home ablaze; pets missing | Dallas - Fort Worth

While there were no people inside the home, three dogs, two cats and a turtle were reported missing after the blaze broke out in the 5200 block of West Grove Place. Capt. Paul Martinez said responding firefighters arrived at the scene to find flames shooting through the roof.
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Bands dont stay together forever. I think they will make at least two more albums and they are in the middle of making one now.