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09 Oct 2014

Alexander Spurr, 28, the driver of the Google car, realized he had turned onto a one-way street, started to turn around, and hit the second vehicle in the side, spinning it around, according to the accident report . The driver of the second car, 22-year-old Dylan Case, told police he had a green-light and that Spurr must have run a red-light. In the accident report, police note Spurr's "careless prohibited driving." Case later visited the hospital for a cat scan and X-rays, and told Smoking Gun that he had bruised ribs and whiplash. He said he expects to miss upwards of three weeks of work.
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06 Oct 2014

Matt Zidow of Next Generation Trust Services will be Interviewed on "Networking Arizona" Radio Show on Tuesday, August 5 - Yahoo Finance

CACHE COUNTY (ABC 4 Utah)- One person is dead and several others are injured after an accident in Logan Franklin Basin Road Saturday morning. Details are scarce but Utah Highway Patrol confirmed there was one fatality and at least one patient flown out of the area by a medical helicopter. The accident occurred sometime after 8:30 a.m. on US-89 near mile marker 484. There is heavy traffic congestion reported in the area.
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02 Oct 2014

Star Wars Rebels Trailer 3 If Harrys head wasnt already big enough, its also now fat (gasp!), and wall mountable for just $29.99. The full band life-size Fathead collection goes for $99.99. If 25% of the audience that buys tickets to the Where We Are Tour follow up with a Fathead, that would be around $25 million in Fathead sales. Even at twice that, however, its just a drop in the bucket for the One Direction economic juggernaut. Amidst the unending monetization, however, Where We Are is unquestionably the bands crowning achievement.
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29 Sep 2014

Australian act Clubfeet says yes Following the release ofOne Direction: This Is Us, which opened last August ,Where We Arewill be thebands second concert film. This installment was recorded at the bands concert in San Siro stadium in Milan, and will also include a 15-minute interview cut with behind the scenes footage. It also includes all the bands biggest hits. Tickets go on sale from July 28, and more information (including the locations of screenings) will be released through the films website .
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Liam Payne Welcomes Jamie Scott To One Direction...

25 Sep 2014

One Direction Flip Out Fans With Album Announce: See The Best Reactions Here! - MTV

RELATED: Under the Dome Wastes a Whole Week Shivering Under the Blankets Scoreof Your New Favorite Cinematic Montage: "Unbreakable," Jamie Scott Time to get to know the songwriter of your new favorite song! Jamie Scott, a British singer-songwriter, wrote One Direction's new song "Fireproof" in collaboration with the boys. He certainly did a lovely job there, and he's bringing a similar sensibility to his song "Unbreakable." It's guitar-and-claps pop-rock, full stop, but he manages to make it sound pretty fresh. He sounds vaguely like a less irritating Adam Levine. It's a bit derivative, but it improves greatly on the trend and...

21 Sep 2014

Tiger Headed In Wrong Direction - News, Sports, Jobs - The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

Fletchers beers are STUNNING; rooted in Belgium but given Fletchers own imaginative twists, with superb creations like the near-perfect The Tide and Its Takers Belgian-Style Tripel, Time Waits For No One Imperial Stout, and collabs like Anchorage/Hill Farmstead Distant Matter IPA, Between The Staves with Chad Yakobsen of Denvers Crooked Stave, and the Jolly Pumpkin co-creation Calabaza Boreal. His Bitter Monk Belgian IPA and Deal With The Devil Barleywine are two of my favorites of the past three years. As the anchor for the Anchorage scene, Gabe Fletcher and his inspired envelope-pushing could scarcely be...

17 Sep 2014

'House Of Cards' Emmy Nominee Carl Franklin Signs With Paradigm -

YEP. And thats just the beginning. Here are the nine most important, significant, and culturally relevant findings that Ive uncovered via Zayns Instagram which is rapidly edging its way closer and closer to one million followers. 1.) Is Zayn wearing a wedding ring in this first photo? Hes been engaged to Little Mixs Perrie Edwards since August 2013.
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Zayn Malik, One Direction Franklins producing partner and wife Jesse B. Franklin (Devil In ABlue Dress, Bless Me, Ultima) and their Monarch...

14 Sep 2014

1D Camping A favorite 1D pasttime. Im on pinecone duty. Camping-five. 1D Pool party Remake One Directions Live While Were Young video by getting a bunch of pool toys and battling your friends. And then use this towel to dry off.
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Sarkozy's war with judges risks hurting French establishment - Yahoo News

A child in a Statue of Liberty costume sat on the front of a float that included a baby with a pacifier in a kissing booth. An all-kid dance troupe practiced its routine in rhythm (sort of) with the "Pot & Pan Rodeo Band." The...

10 Sep 2014

One Direction Announces New Album & Drops New Single - Yahoo News

17 via Syco/Columbia Records. "We've worked incredibly hard writing and recording it whilst we've been on the road and we couldn't have done it without your support," Niall Horan , Zayn Malik , Liam Payne , Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson said in a statement. A new song, "Fireproof," is available for freebut only for 24 hours. "Fireproof" was written by Payne and Tomlinson, plus Julian Bunett, John Ryan and Jamie Scott. "We hope you enjoy it and we can't wait for you to listen to the album in full," the band said. "We've been working so hard on this," Payne tweeted .
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07 Sep 2014

Gisele Bündchen Fights Her Haters In Her First Under Armour Ad — Watch Seriously. Its incredible. Niall Horan,Zayn Malik,Liam Payne,Harry StylesandLouis Tomlinsonlook cuter than ever as they wow zillions of fans screaming in the crowd on their huge tour, belting out their smash hits, including Story Of My Life. This is definitely the biggest tour weve ever done, playing stadiums all over the world, 1D says. We get this amazing feeling of excitement. (Umm, so do we.) Its the best thing ever. (Uhh, yes, it is.) The full-length trailer packs in so much excitement over the guys that when Harry Styles asks the crowd to scream, we basically did, too. (Just watching it at our desks.) The feature film wont just showcase performances youll also get backstage access to see interviews with...