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14 Sep 2014

1D Camping A favorite 1D pasttime. Im on pinecone duty. Camping-five. 1D Pool party Remake One Directions Live While Were Young video by getting a bunch of pool toys and battling your friends. And then use this towel to dry off.
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Sarkozy's war with judges risks hurting French establishment - Yahoo News

A child in a Statue of Liberty costume sat on the front of a float that included a baby with a pacifier in a kissing booth. An all-kid dance troupe practiced its routine in rhythm (sort of) with the "Pot & Pan Rodeo Band." The...

10 Sep 2014

One Direction Announces New Album & Drops New Single - Yahoo News

17 via Syco/Columbia Records. "We've worked incredibly hard writing and recording it whilst we've been on the road and we couldn't have done it without your support," Niall Horan , Zayn Malik , Liam Payne , Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson said in a statement. A new song, "Fireproof," is available for freebut only for 24 hours. "Fireproof" was written by Payne and Tomlinson, plus Julian Bunett, John Ryan and Jamie Scott. "We hope you enjoy it and we can't wait for you to listen to the album in full," the band said. "We've been working so hard on this," Payne tweeted .
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07 Sep 2014

Gisele Bündchen Fights Her Haters In Her First Under Armour Ad — Watch Seriously. Its incredible. Niall Horan,Zayn Malik,Liam Payne,Harry StylesandLouis Tomlinsonlook cuter than ever as they wow zillions of fans screaming in the crowd on their huge tour, belting out their smash hits, including Story Of My Life. This is definitely the biggest tour weve ever done, playing stadiums all over the world, 1D says. We get this amazing feeling of excitement. (Umm, so do we.) Its the best thing ever. (Uhh, yes, it is.) The full-length trailer packs in so much excitement over the guys that when Harry Styles asks the crowd to scream, we basically did, too. (Just watching it at our desks.) The feature film wont just showcase performances youll also get backstage access to see interviews with...

03 Sep 2014

Lily Allen Blue Hair, Lily Allen Purple Hair, Lily Allen Hair Photos – Style News - StyleWatch -

The famous children looked happy and healthy in a recently shared back-to-school snapshot. Kate forced her kids to pose for the annual photo before sending them off to school. She then posted the picture on Twitter , where it hit the trending list almost immediately. Although the Gosselin kids looked adorable as always in this years back-to-school picture, their dog wound up stealing the show. Kate acknowledged this in her accompanying tweet, explaining, Shoka joined pic without being asked and stole the show with his smile! Technically, Kates photo took place on the second day of school.

31 Aug 2014

One Direction to perform at Edward Jones Dome Wednesday |

Researchers have now succeeded in creating a steady stream of photons emitted one at a time and in a particular direction. A quantum dot (illustrated with the yellow symbol) emits one photon (red wave packet) at a time. The quantum dot is embedded in a photonic-crystal structure, which is obtained by etching holes (black circles) in a semiconducting material.
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One Direction set to take over St. Louis Wednesday night | St. Louis

The doors to the...

27 Aug 2014

Niall Horan Addresses One Direction Breakup Rumors… Again

Girls shrieked. They shook. They grabbed friends arms and trembled in excitement, simmering down only to capture key moments on their smartphones. Onstage, the group kept a cheeky, easygoing vibe clowning around, nudging one another and gifting front-row fans with grins. (One early mishap saw Tomlinson mouthing an apology to Payne after nailing his face with a Frisbee intended to soar into the crowd.) The rapport came off natural and real, and its easy to see why the 1D community has taken on a kind of extended-family feel, an Internet-driven movement complete with its own memes and lingo. Still, the cavernous setting didnt always lend itself...

23 Aug 2014

New England Revolution boy band releases first of many One Direction spoof music videos | SIDELINE |

Concord Boulevard was closed for most of Monday after the driver of an Astound cable truck crashed into a tree about 8:40 a.m., then hit a wooden power pole on Concord Boulevard near Hames Drive, police said. The force of the crash caused the truck to turn on its side and knocked down several power lines. The driver was uninjured and no other vehicles were involved.
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First Rule...

23 Aug 2014

Predicting the Most and Least Improved NBA Teams for 2014-15 Season | Bleacher Report

This broadly based metric supports the conclusion that the labor market has improved significantly over the past year, but it also suggests that the decline in the unemployment rate over this period somewhat overstates the improvement in overall labor market conditions. emphasis added More excerpts: [W]ith the economy getting closer to our objectives, the FOMC's emphasis is naturally shifting to questions about the degree of remaining slack, how quickly that slack is likely to be taken up, and thereby to the question of under what conditions we should begin dialing back our extraordinary accommodation. As should be...

22 Aug 2014

One Direction concert film to screen in metro Phoenix

one-direction "We look forward to working closely with Tim to build on this foundation and further accelerate our momentum as we seek a new leader for MLSE." Leiweke, who joined the company in April of 2013, said he plans to pursue his goal of owning and operating his own business following his departure from MLSE. "It's an honor to lead MLSE, a world-class organization in a city and a country so passionate about sports. But with new opportunities on the horizon, it's time for me to begin the transition from sports and entertainment executive to entrepreneur," Leiweke said in a statement. "Right now, my total focus is here at MLSE and I look forward to working...

19 Aug 2014

Foxboro Reporter News

Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayne Malik and Louis Tomlinson worked the stage and the long catwalk down the center of the stadium throughout the show, constantly interacting with both the audience and each other. There was plenty of goofing around: During What Makes You Beautiful, Payne stole Tomlinsons microphone from his hand and ran away with it, leaving Tomlinson to share a microphone with his group mates. These types of shenanigans were typical, as the guys seem to understand theyre putting on a pop show, not saving the universe, and if theyre not having fun no one else is going to either. The groups fans bring their own offbeat element to the mix, with signs that quote...