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20 Nov 2013

For the ATF Tour, which may or may not stand for Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and which comes to The Cypher at Johnny Vs on Aug. 1, theyve joined up with some of their favorite collaborators from their other loose and often overlapping affiliationsDJ Troma, Concept from the Human Being crew, BET1 from the S.A.D. Collective, Johanna Phraze from the United Front. The tour is a showcase of some of SoCals biggest hip-hop talent, the type that is way off the radar of the mainstream media. Gajah was a founding member of Acid Reign and a favorite at the legendary Project Blowed open mic. Robert Diaz, aka EQ, is a formidable L.A. beatmaker.
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16 Nov 2013

Blues Guitar Unleashed Re-Releases Free Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson

The technique incorporates partial chords into a moving bassline, creating a rich arrangement that recalls the sound of a bassist and guitarist (or pianist) playing together. Players such as Martin Taylor, Pat Metheny and Tuck Andress are true masters of this but how do mere mortals approach this method? Read on... Passing notes How do I know what notes to play in the bassline? It's basically a case of joining the dots. Each bar begins on the root note of the chord and 'walks' to the next chord's root note by means of the adjacent notes in the relevant scale (in the case of our example electric guitar teacher tune, A minor). A couple...

13 Nov 2013

The Voice Season 5 Red Carpet Event photo Once he was there, he was amazed by all of the talented guitar players from all parts of the world, and the variety of their individual styles. Chris was blown away by all of the information that they were each able to share. He has nothing but great things to say about the school and its program. Chris eventually moved into teaching private lessons. He had learned all of the skills it takes to teach and educate, and decided to start utilizing that knowledge. He started at Dr. Music in Altamonte Springs and found his way to Family Music of Clermont. Chris has been teaching at Family Music for 4 years now, and has a great rapport with his students. Lessons are important because they fill in the gaps, notes...

10 Nov 2013

Elyria Music Teacher Gives Special-Needs Student His Own Guitar: VIDEO

Grantham Use social networks to ask about, using a status such as Does anyone know of any good guitar teachers in insert your town/city here because I am ready to start learning guitar. You will be surprised with how many people come out of the woodwork and have some valuable information to offer. Ask them what they like about the lessons and the teacher, and how they feel their progress is coming along. Find out if the teacher is available to travel to your home or if he or she is based at a location that you will have to travel to. From my experience of teaching hundreds and hundreds of lessons, many families like the convenience of having...

07 Nov 2013

Academy Award-winning composer Tan, who heard the duo's arrangement on one of their CDs, says that he was surprised that Chinese songs and the acoustic guitar lessons Atlanta guitar could be a perfect match. For Wang, the guitar comes to life in a blend of Chinese and Western music elements. Barrueco also composed a song, a new transcription of composer Chen Yi's China West, which was originally written for two pianos. It will be recorded on Beijing Guitar Duo's third album, which they plan to release this year. "My father kept telling me that the sound of guitar is the most beautiful sound in the world," recalls Wang, who came from Qingdao, Shandong province. A turning point for her came one day in March 1992. Her...

05 Nov 2013

Johnny Darko, Presha, Astro and Marlon - 3rd Floor Cypher 1

Chicagos DMN Ology has been spelling his name about six different ways since he came up in the Chicago hip-hop scene in the 90s. Its not so much that hes into Satanalthough devils and demons do pop up in the imagery of his songsits that Demon was his nickname growing up, a play on his real name Damien. When he started rapping, he was looking for a good MC name and liked how Demonology, in this case, implied a certain amount of self-examination. It also fits with the alchemist style of his almost stream-of-consciousness raps. Nor is music the only flow hes known forhes also one of Chicagos best graffiti artists, who tagged many a Demon on the...

31 Oct 2013

3 Tips On Choosing a Guitar Teacher

Choosing a Guitar Teacher There are many websites today that offer guitar lessons online. Make it a point to read the information on the sites to see what they have to offer. Check out if they have a 24/7 customer rep service. It is very important that there is someone at the site who will be able to answer any questions that you may have if your online learning sessions hit a snag. 5) Look for versatility. Whether you want to play an acoustic or an electric guitar, do not limit yourself to just one genre of music.
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I have loads of students that prefer...

29 Oct 2013

Guitar Lessons Atlanta: Jimmy Cypher - Slow Blues in acoustic guitar lessons E Dominant

Eventually, we opted to go our own way, says Claire. After that, we just grew, mostly by word of mouth. The Petschs intention was to provide a space for high-quality lessons. We wanted teachers who played well, followed music education, enjoyed teaching and working with people, Claire says. They found several seasoned professionals, the newest of which is Johnna Jeong, who has been at Maple Street for about seven years. The teaching staff have had our hands in recording, performing extensively, producing and composing, Jeong says.
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26 Oct 2013

Fretting hand: the hand that is placed on the neck of the guitar and which compresses the strings to produce chords or notes Strumming hand or picking hand: the hand that strikes the guitar strings in order to make sounds Plectrum or pick: a small plastic device that is used to strike the strings Fret markers: parallel markers on the fretboard Fingerpicking: plucking the strings individually, a technique often used by lead guitarists Advice for Left Handed Guitarists When demonstrating the best hand positions for guitar playing, provisions should be made for left handed guitarists. In these cases, a left handed guitar would be preferable, but if necessary, the strings may be reversed. Beware that the lower...

22 Oct 2013

Plus, only a couple of software packages showing the scales on the fretboard were included in the price of the guitar. M-Player, by contrast, came in a 30-day teaser package that includes seven demo songs (Wild Thing by The Troggs, Every Breath You Take by The Police, and Fleetwood Mac's Landslide, among others). After the 30-day trial expires, the software costs $40. And albums of songs by more than two-dozen artists ranging from Barry Manilow to U2 cost $20 apiece. Sure, paying for the songs seems reasonable since presumably the artists who wrote and recorded them get a cut, though it would be nice if Optek were to include another half-dozen or so as freebies. The M-Player software, on the other hand, should...